Nick Edwards

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Bolex RX5 Super 16

This is a great piece of kit - super 16 100' loads, perfect for extreme conditions, and for such a compact kit (the entire kit - body, lenses and stock can pack in to a carry on bag) it offers immense flexibility - hi speed, time-lapse, multiple exposure and even hand cranked.

Canon Scoopic MS 16mm

Developed in the 60's as a newsgathering camera, the Scoopic is a great camera for fast handheld shooting, it's got a Canon 12.5-75mm 1.8 zoom, and with the rare wide angle adaptor this can come down to 9.3mm. You get sharp pictures and true color reproduction. The finder is a parallax-free single-lens reflex type. A prism focusing glass assures easy focusing. With Macro, single frame and up to 64fps running on nickel-cadmium batteries, letting you run contiuously for the full lenght of the 100' load - ideal for music videos.



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