Nick Edwards

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Over the past 2 decades I've worked as a cameraman on a wide range of projects: music videos, sport, concerts and documentaries in remote locations such as the Arctic and Timbuktu, often involving time-lapse, multiple exposure, and “in camera” film effects.
Live music events are an area of special expertise: shooting on a wide range of formats from Super 16mm film to HD. Recently I've been lucky to be involved some groundbreaking 3D projects: The Montruex Jazz Festival and a series of short films and idents promoting the launch of Sky's new 3D TV channel in April 2010.
Clients have included the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, and many independent production companies.

While many of the jobs I do involve complicated technical challenges, my roots are in experimental filmmaking, so I'm always interested in projects that offer creative challenges. With this in mind I've built up an inventory of equipment, which I can offer at flexible rates to independent or low-budget productions.

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